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Corporate Services

While the day-to-day aspects of running an organisation can be handled by in-house staff, many organisations rely on outsourced professionals for services, such as IT support or legal counsel, and suppliers to provide and maintain the equipment necessary to keep their offices running smoothly.

However, it can be challenging to determine if these necessary aspects of your business cost more than they should.

Our consultants assist clients with reviewing professional service expenses to assess potential cost optimisation opportunities.

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Advertising – how to advertise products or services, boost brand awareness and drive sales – is a multi-faceted category involving diverse media such as print, radio, television, online and digital channels.

ERA Group helps organisations evaluate their business advertising spend vs their objectives to determine if there are ways to reduce advertising expenses while getting the same or even better results.

Food services

Whether it’s providing food or meals on or off-site, businesses and institutions incur costs related to food services, including food catering services.

Catering companies often work with organisations to prepare and serve food at various events or as part of the services provided by the company.

ERA Group collaborates with clients to help them improve cash flow by taking a close look at corporate catering services, the costs associated with food service distributors and prices of food service supplies.

Mail Management

Whether for e-mail or letters, businesses rely on external services to send, store and manage ever-higher volumes of correspondence.

ERA Group helps organisations to find the most suitable options for their requirements and to identify savings opportunities.

Office Supplies

Pens, paper, staplers, binders, toner cartridges and more are business essentials.

Companies of all sizes use office supplies every day, and these expenses can add up quickly.

ERA Group assists organisations in managing expenses, bringing “insider” knowledge about suppliers and pricing to clients.

Are the cheap office supplies promised by office supplies distributors the least expensive?
Are bulk office supply purchases always the lowest cost alternative?


Printing services and the need for printing supplies vary widely from business to business.

Books, magazines, brochures, posters and other documents are examples of printed materials, yet each of these jobs may be written using different processes and equipment depending on colour, quantity and other variables.

Some companies require commercial printing services from printing companies who handle large-scale business printing needs, beyond standard desktop publishing.

Professional Services

From an operational viewpoint, the day-to-day aspects of running a business may be relatively predictable. The right people and processes are in place.

However, for specialised expertise (corporate lawyers, auditors, architects, etc.) businesses often contract with external professionals.

Knowledgeable, experienced ERA Group consultants work with clients to review professional services expenses and overall value.

Records Management

Business records management is the practice of controlling a company’s essential records from creation and storage to disposal, and every industry is subject to regulations for records compliance and data protection.

Businesses today depend on electronic records management systems and records management software to ensure the integrity of payroll, financial, medical, government forms etc.


Reprographic services – reproduction, scanning, photography, digital printing of documents of all sorts – are often outsourced.

ERA Group helps businesses review this cost category to ensure excellent service, excellent timeline and savings.