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Cost Optimisation & Efficiency Experts

ERA Australia provides strategic services and ongoing consultancy to a range of organisations, with the ultimate goal of reducing supplier costs and improving procurement processes.

We work with our clients to provide bespoke teams of strategic procurement and cost management expertise to reduce outgoings, boost cash flow and manage supplier relationships to maximise their potential.

Our specialists are drawn from their areas of expertise, meaning they have knowledge and insight into the way those industries work, how contracts are written and formulated from the supplier’s perspective and therefore the ability to negotiate.

That, plus our visibility of the market and access to lower prices allow us to provide tailored teams of experts to manage multiple projects with the result that we save our clients an average 12-15%. We cover more than 35 major cost areas and provide regular, unobtrusive reporting to you.

We can work on a variety of fee options; including payment being contingent on our success in meeting agreed savings targets, as well as daily rate consultancy and fixed fee arrangements.

Cost Reduction

ERA’s specialist teams of cost management consultants work with Finance Directors and business owners to generate sustainable savings.

Our projects can have a range of specific aims and objectives for different clients, but often we’re simply tasked with reducing costs within certain categories of spend. Nobody likes to feel they are paying a premium, and organisations tend to believe that no room for improvement exists within their spending.

Or that since they are already keeping an eye on it, such sums wouldn’t be worth the bother of finding. Time and again we surprise those organisations when they become clients.

• We seek to help you achieve the best possible value from the supply chain
• We never compromise the quality of goods purchased
• We never compromise on service levels
• We deliver financial savings, enhanced service levels and improved supplier contracts

It really is possible to purchase the same products and services more cost-effective when you bring to bear our experience, specialist expertise and supply chain influence.

• You then make decisions from a position of knowledge
• You remain in control of those decisions at all times

Supplier Management

ERA’s specialist teams of supplier management consultants enable you to enjoy sustainable supplier relationships.

Once the right supplier has been identified and appointed, organisations can often fall foul of not managing suppliers and their contracts on an ongoing basis. This is often where prices creep back up, opportunities to improve processes or receive rebates are missed and where ultimately, other cost management consultants and clients fail. We build strong, sustainable supplier relationships for the long term.

• We work independently and with total transparency
• We conduct regular ongoing supply audits
• We manage hundreds of millions of pounds worth of client expenditure
• We mitigate risk and gain increased value from suppliers
• We provide better management information and improved visibility of the supply chain
• You remain in control of the decision making
• There is minimal impact on your time.

Category Expertise

We can provide expert help across a wide variety of cost areas, adding value to your contract negotiations on a short, medium, or long term basis – right when you need it.

We cover a broad range of cost areas. Some of these can be highly strategic and business critical areas for our clients, but we’re also expert in a wide range of indirect spend areas, where organisations rarely have particular category expertise in most indirect spend areas. We recognise that for most organisations it is not cost effective to have the depth of expertise that our people have day-to-day. That’s why our service is designed to bring in the relevant specialists at the right times.

• Professional advice on a wide range of spend categories
• Advice on procurement strategy for organisations without a dedicated resource
• Advice on complex procurement infrastructure for large multinationals
• Contract management and compliance issues
• Actionable insight to run your business more efficiently
• Strategic insight and knowledge from industry insiders
• Specific contract and supplier knowledge
• Clarity and improved Management Information
• A tailored team of experts for multiple projects, all account managed by a main point of contact

You can focus on delivering your core offering instead of spending too much time on these issues.

Tender Management

Our experienced consultants have the experience, tools and processes to help you run a competitive tender.
Having the most appropriate suppliers in place for key overhead spend areas is really important. But determining who that most appropriate supplier is, in a complicated supply market across a wide range of categories is a far easier task when you have industry insiders with tacit market knowledge working on your behalf.

Our experienced specialists use forensic style tactics and detailed analysis to pore over tender submissions. Our practical market experience helps you to position your needs correctly into the marketplace so that you get the right results. Your objective may be improved SLA’s, supplier consolidation or improved prices. Ours will always be to ensure you don’t need to compromise on quality or service to achieve the best value.

• Scoping of requirements
• Writing tender documents for suppliers
• Appropriate suppliers introduced
• Shortlist drawn up
• Analysis of tender submissions
• Interpretation of results alongside your teams
• Effective procurement of spend in a range of areas
• A legacy of spending wisely left behind in your teams

We can help with some of the process, or you can outsource the whole thing to us. It may be that we help with one or all of the following:

• Vendor research
• Setting and monitoring KPI’s
• Vendor Selection
• Tender process
• Post-tender compliance

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