The Benefits of ERA

Leverage & Influence

ERA accesses price bands, added value services and discount structures – that are usually available only to the largest organisations because we have exceptional supplier relationships.


Information & Resources

ERA is continually testing the market in terms of prices and services and has unique insight into the supplier base and what prices, products, and services are available to you. You can also access the time and expertise of our entire organisation and over 100 category specialists, on a project by project basis as required.


Implementation Experience

ERA project teams have implemented thousands of projects involving change across over thousands of clients. You can be assured of our ability to make change happen without it being distracting to the core focus of your organisation.

Expert Knowledge

ERA’s experts were previously Company Directors or Senior Management in their respective fields. This expert industry-specific knowledge means that you can have access to a level of expertise equivalent or superior to that of your suppliers and experience in the minutiae of the contracts.



While we are an influential force within the supply chain, we are immune to influence from suppliers. We have the ability to approach the whole market on your behalf, unrestricted by agreements or preferred suppliers.


Enhanced Cost Management

Tailored supply audit reports prove savings and provide insight and visibility that allow costs to be managed down, and suppliers held to account.

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