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Personnel Services

An organisation’s most important asset is its people. Therefore, cultivating and maintaining a stable workforce is essential.

From utilising staffing services to finding top talent to overseeing payroll responsibilities, to handling fleet management options for employees who travel outside of the office, an organisation is often juggling multiple personnel obligations at any given time.

If your organisation is relying on outsourced services, we can help you determine if your suppliers are delivering personnel quality services at competitive pricing.

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Australian Chemical Producer Finds 27% Savings in Fleet Management (Tyres)

Manufacturing Fleet Management 2018

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Employment Services

The most important asset for businesses is the people.

Finding employees with the right skills, experience and qualifications is a time-consuming priority and external providers – temporary employment agency, job centres, job brokers and recruit specialists are often called upon.

ERA Group helps clients analyse their employment services expenses and find savings with the same level of service.

Fleet Management - Vehicle Leasing

ERA Group experts in Fleet Management lend their skills to businesses to investigate all aspects of their car fleet and ensure specific needs are met, the best buying or leasing conditions are agreed upon, and savings are found.

Payroll-HR Administration

Some companies use the services of external providers to manage payroll and HR administrative duties.

ERA Group helps clients analyse their employee payroll, monitor legal changes and compliance while finding hidden savings.


Travel costs may be staggering in some companies.

To remain within reasonable budgetary limits, businesses welcome the advice of ERA Group and their power of negotiation with a wide range of service providers.

Their intervention helps to add some extra cash to the bottom line while to give a more transparent understanding of spending patterns in the travel cost category.


Security solutions for businesses vary widely, from business alarm systems to security guard services.

Clients benefit from ERA Group consultants’ security service knowledge to help them uncover cost-savings opportunities.

Working together, ERA Group helps organisations review non-core costs for services such as security to recover additional cash flow — offering financial peace of mind… and security.

Uniforms and Lines

For some businesses, uniforms and linen are an essential item of expenditure.

ERA Group reviews client expenses to assess savings opportunities in this category while providing a similar or better service that meets both employer and employees requirements.