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Operational Supplies

Operational Supplies

For organisations in the manufacturing sector, operational supplies are the lifeblood of the business.

Depending on the business, this can include factory consumables, chemicals and industrial gases, lab supplies, MRO supplies, and packaging.

An organisation’s ability to control the total manufacturing costs of these supplies — direct manufacturing costs and variable costs — is vital to an organisation’s financial health.

ERA can assess expenses to find manufacturing cost-savings opportunities. We help determine if incumbent suppliers are offering the most advantageous pricing for operational supplies, applying years of experience and supplier knowledge to improve companies’ cash flow.

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Automotive Supplier Finds $254,000 Savings in Factory Consumables

Automotive Manufacturing 2018

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With a variety of chemical manufacturers and chemical supply companies providing the raw materials and products needed to support manufacturing efforts and operations, how does a business know if their chemical supply costs are genuinely competitive?

ERA Group works with companies to review their costs in expense categories including chemicals.

Factory Consumables

Factory consumables must regularly be replaced as part of the manufacturing process. Controlling the total manufacturing costs of these supplies — direct manufacturing costs and variable manufacturing costs — is vital to an organisation’s financial health, as it the monitoring of the significant trends and development on the market.

ERA Group supports businesses in providing their specialist knowledge to help their operations and assess cost-savings opportunities.

Industrial Gases

Many industry sectors such as mining, pharmaceuticals, electronics, oil and gas, and petrochemicals are clients of industrial gas suppliers.

The purpose of ERA Group is to help businesses in these industry sectors to get the most of a fluctuating market to remain competitive and find the potential for savings.

MRO Supplies

Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supplies and services are indispensable to routine operations, but not many companies have the time and resources to follow market trends and prices for all segments.

ERA Group helps businesses to maximise their efficiency and spending in the MRO cost category.


The unlimited offer in the area of packaging – items, materials, prices – makes it more difficult for companies to do the right choice.

Working closely with clients, ERA Group helps them to make the right choice, not only tailored to their needs in terms of price and materials, but also to meet different criteria such as compliance or environment-friendly standards – all with potential savings identified.